Banglarbhumi Gov 8080 Lrweb Land Records West Bengal, Mauza Maps, Mutation, Ror (Khatian) / Plot Information – Banglarbhumi Gov 8080 Lrweb Land Records West Bengal, Mutation, Khatian & Plot Information,  Ror (Khatian) / Plot Information, Certified Copies of Mauza Maps

Banglarbhumi Land Records 8080 Lrweb

Step 1: Log on to official website banglarbhumi website:


Step 2: Click to “know your Property” LINK.

Now user will redirect to following Banglarbhumi 8080 Lrweb page where use can view land record details

Step 3: To search land reocrds must have following points;

  • মৌজা পরিচিতি (Mouza Identification)
  • জেলা (District):
  • ব্লক (Block):
  • মৌজা (Mouza ):

A1. Land Records  (Search By Khatian )

A2. Land Records (Search by Plot)

How to Search Land Record with Khatian Number?

Banglarbhumi land reocrd with khatian number is quite easy see screen 1 to view the steps;

Search Land Record with Khatian Number

 Once submitting button, you can view our land record details 8080 Lrweb using khatian number.

land records details 8080 Lrweb using khatian number

How to Search Land Record with Plot Information?

The checking the land record with plot information is similar to land records with khatian number, take a look below;

Search Land Record with Plot Information

Note: You find any error in database advised to contact the concerned BL&LRO office for authentication.

bangla bhumi mouza map (Land Records Search)

Selection District name / Block name is displayed in
Green” color means Centrally Co-Located live data.
Blue” color means Legacy Data.
Black” means No Data available.

For Search by Khatian no./Plot no. :

  • If khatian no./Plot no. is in the form as ‘77777/77‘, then put ‘77777‘(First portion of khatian no./plot no.) in the box before the slash (‘/’) and put ’99′(Second portion of khatian no./plot no.) in the box after slash(‘/’).
  • For Example:-  If khatian/Plot no. is ‘895/02‘ then put ‘895‘ in the box before(‘/’) and ‘02‘ in the box after slash(‘/’).
    Otherwise,If khatian no./Plot no. is in the form as ‘22222‘ (Without any slash ‘/’), then put whole khatian no./plot no. in the box before the slash ‘/’
  • For Example:-  If khatian/Plot no. is ‘47841‘ i.e without any slash(‘/’) then put ‘47841‘ in the box before the slash(‘/’).

Banglarbhumi RS-LR Plot Information

RS-LR banglarbhumi plot information link:

Select your District, Block and Mouza.

  • Select Sabek Dag ⇒  Hal Dag (LR PLot No.) or
  • Select Hal Dag ⇒ Sabek Dag(RS PLot No.)
  • Click On “Submit”.check your Mouza Identification Mauza Maps.

Banglarbhumi RS-LR Plot Information

Mutation Application Status Bangal Bhumi

Mutation is the change of ownership from one person to another when the property is sold or transferred. By mutating a property, the new owner gets the property recorded on his name in the land revenue department.

For tracking the mutation is done or pending, user can check its online with following link;


Mutation Case Status Options

  1. Case Wise Search: Contain District, Block, Mouza and Case no.
  2. Deed Wise Search : contain Deed No and dead year.

Mutation status can find one of option.

Procedure for getting Certified Copy of ROR (KHATIAN) / Plot Information in banglarbhumi west bengal 

Certified copies of Record of Right (ROR) / Plot Information in west Bengal can be obtained from the concerned Block Land & Land Reforms Office (BL & LRO) where application must be on a demi paper affixing court Fee of Rs 20.00 (Rupees Twenty) clearly mentioning the following details :

STEP 1:- Fill up the details and Submit. After submission, application reference no. will be shown which is to be used for future references.

  • Applicant’s Details,
  • Name of Mouza ,
  • J L No and
  • Khatian Number / Plot Number

STEP 2:- Next pay the fee from Online Application -> Fees Payment menu. Fill up Request Type, Application no. and submit ‘Next’ for payment options.

  • If fees paid through ‘online mode’ (Netbanking and Debit Card option of GRIPS) then Mutation Case No. will be registered immediately.
  • If fees paid through ‘counter payment’ option of GRIPS then goto Online Application -> Application- GRN Search to verify your payment and Register your case. In Case after successful payment through ‘online mode’ of GRIPS and no response came back to this end, then also use Online Application -> Application GRN Search to verify your payment and register the case.

Service of Plot Maps: Citizen can get the individual Plot map service along with adjacent plots with dimensions in a A4 size stationary by paying the requisite court fee.

Procedures for Collection of Certified Copies of Mauza Maps and Sale of Mauza Maps of west Bengal (

  1. mauza maps are sold from the concerned Office of the District Magistrate if stock is available.
  2. Contact the Block Land & Land Reforms Office for collection of LR Map (one may purchase the same if the Finally Published mauza map is printed).
  3. If the Record Room of the concerned District Magistrate does not have any stock of a C. S. or R. S. mauza map then one may apply for a Certified Copy of the suit plot along with some adjacent plots of land in the Office of the District Land & Land Reforms Officer of the concerned district.
  4. Certified copies of portions of C. S. mauza map and C.S & R.S mauza maps of areas falling in Howrah & Garden Reach Municipalities and the Holding Register of the said municipal areas may be collected from the West Bengal Drawing Office Record Room at the Directorate of Land Records & Surveys, West Bengal on application if the same record is available.

Application Forms: 

Document Name
Declaration for Mutation View
Application for Mutation View
Application Form for Bargadar for Consent Award View
The New Application Form for the Requiring Bodies View
Sanction of Permanent Advance to SDL&LRO View
Notice for Interview View
Objection under Sub-Section (I) of Section 51A of W. B. L. R. Act, 1955 View
Gradation List of Revenue Inspectors in the ISU as on 01/02/2016 View
Disposing Officers of Conversion Application View
Application for Mutation (in Bengali) View
Application for Conversion (in Bengali) View

Sample copy of: R.O.R    Plot Information Copy    Plot Map

Sample copy Mauza Maps banglarbhumi

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