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Himachal Pradesh Land Records Online (Himbhoomi)

Land record Hp has introduced the online platform to view himachal Pradesh land record view using computer. People who are looking for jamabandi himachal, bhulekh map view, ror view and himbhoomi Ror distribution all available just one click away at admis.hp.nic.in/himbhoomilmk.

Department: Revenue Department, Government of Himachal Pradesh

State: Himachal Pradesh, HP

View land record link 1: http://lrc.hp.nic.in/lrc/Revenue/viewlandrecords.aspx

View land record link 2: www.admis.hp.nic.in/himbhoomilmk

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Land Details in Himachal Pradesh (Himbhoomi)

Himachal Pradesh is cover area of 55673 sq. Kms of 12 districts having 110 Tehsils. The disctircts are put under three revenue divisions namely Shimla, Kangra & Mandi. The nodal officer for the state is the Director of Land Records.

The basic functions of the Revenue administrative set-up in Himachal Pradesh are:

.       Maintenance of various documents and regular updations

.       Implementation of various laws and policies announced by the government from time to time

.       Survey

.       Settlement

.       Land Records Maintenance in Himachal Pradesh

Himbhoomi – Himachal Pradesh Land Record Online Provides Following Information



Himachal Pradesh Land Records Online Himbhoomi

Shajra Nasb (Pedigree Table): Shajra Nasb is a pedigree table showing succession to ownership rights occurring from time to time in an estate. The Shajra Nasb also serves as an index for locating an owner’s accounts (Khata Numbers) in the Jamabandi.

Jamabandi and associated statements (Records of Rights): It is prepared sequentially in duplicate for every estate on the basis of entries existing and changes recorded on the Mutation Register, Khasra Girdawari Register and Fard Badr (Errata) over a period of 5 years. It is the document to which a presumption of truth is attached.

Intkal (Mutation Register): All changes in title or interest are incorporated into the Jamabandi through attestation of mutation. The Patwari enters the mutations on the basis of a document/verbal information presented by the concerned parties for the change in title/interest on land. This information is first entered into the Patwari’s Diary (Roznamcha Wakyati) giving serial no.

Khasra Girdawari (Harvest Inspection) Register: It is a register of harvest inspections unlike the Jamabandi, which is Khewat-wise, the Girdawari, is Khasra-wise.

Khatoni(Field Map): The original map is called ’MUSAVI’. Its updated version is called ’SHAJRA KISTWAR’ and these are kept in safe custody in the Record Room. A wax copy called ’MOMI’ is available in the Tehsil. All changes in field boundaries occurring due to partition, sale etc. attested in Mutation are entered from the Parat Sarkar (Government Copy) Mutation onto the Momi. A copy on cloth called ’LATHA’ is kept and updated by the Patwari.

Village, Tehsil & District Note Book (Lal Kitab):  Popularly known as “LAL KITAB” he kitab has valuable information regarding crops grown in the estate, soil classification, area under different crops, land use, transfers in land, wells and other means of irrigation in the village and abstract of the livestock and cattle census in the village.

For website related queries/suggestions/feedback, you may write at dlr-hp@nic.in

View Land Records and Download Jamabandi Copy/Ror Hp #Himbhoomi

View copy of ROR/ Jamabandi Shajra Nasb himachal Pradesh (some of villages details will be seen online). Once finding the Jamabandi coopy user can saved as PDF. Plot/Khasra number wise Map of settlement (Musavi) and latest (Maumi) can also be viewed. The plot Map copy also shows the neighboring plots. Digitization of Maps is underway and copy of plot map is available only for those tehsils for which digitization work has been completed.

This facility is for your information only. To get copy of Jamabandi or Shajra Nasb for legal purposes, please contact nearest Lok Mitra Kendra/Tehsil Centre or concerned Patwari. Copy of plot Map is not yet available through Lok Mitra Kendra.

User can also mention email address to get a copy by email in addition to online viewing.

Himachal Pradesh land records are available for all major tehsils of all 12 districts –

  • Bilaspur (बिलासपुर),
  • Chamba (चम्बा),
  • Hamirpur (हमीरपुर),
  • Kangra (काँगड़ा),
  • Kinnaur (किन्नौर),
  • Kullu (कुल्लू)),
  • Lahaul-Spiti (लाहौल-स्पीति)),
  • Mandi (मंडी),
  • Shimla (शिमला),
  • Sirmaur (सिरमौर),
  • Solan (सोलन),
  • Una (ऊना).

Step 1: राजस्व विभागअपनी जमाबंदी/शजरा नस्ब की प्रति देखें: http://lrc.hp.nic.in/lrc/Revenue/viewlandrecords.aspx

Step 2: enter your Adhar card number, Select District, tehsil choose गाँव [हदबस्त नं] and Jamabandi year to view land record in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Search by Khewat (खेवट), Khatauni (खतौनी) or Khasra (खसरा) – Select one option.
  • Select Khasra No. (खसरा), Khewat No. (खेवट) or Khatauni No. (खतौनी). Then click on “नकल देखें” to generate land record report.
  • Save Himachal Pradesh Land Records Report (Jamabandi Nakal).

Download Copy of Jamabandi Nakal
HIMBHOOMI ROR Distribution: http://admis.hp.nic.in/himbhoomi/admadminhome.aspx
Contact HIMBHOOMI helpline number: 01772623678

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