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Koshvani” is all new portal for the Pensioner in Uttar Pradesh, The feature of this website as following search the pensioner, pensioner payment details etc.

Koshvani website designed and developed to keep the financial health of the state and to bring transparency into Government Transaction. This web site helps Finance Department, Financial Controllers of different department.

Koshvani Pensioner Payment Details New Website

Guys koshvani pensioner details is available on new website here http://koshvani.up.nic.in/KoshReports/PensionInd.aspx or guys to see your payment history please enter enter Account Number and you will get new pop up window where you can see the complete Pensioner Name (PPO NO), pension month, pension amount and pension type etc.

Age wise pension data Koshvani up

Age upto 65 years: 367933
Between 65 and 70 years: 292763
Between 70 and 75 years: 248036
Between 75 and 80 years: 183571
Between 80 and 85 years: 87493
Between 85 and 90 years: 47660
Between 90 and 95 years: 22887
Between 95 and 100 years: 8684
Age more than 100 years: 2803
Age not known: 6862
Total of all the above: 1268692

Koshvani up Pensioner Payment Details

Log on to koshavni up website: http://koshvani.up.nic.in/

Under “PENSIONER’S CORNER” click to “Pension Payment Details” link.

Now pensioner must select Pensioner’s Treasury, Enter Account Number and select pensioner to show the pension payment details.

Koshvani Pension payment details UP mrstatus

Note : If your mobile number is not registered in system then first register your mobile number through concern treasury then use the below option for pension payment details.


Please visit here to search a pensioner data; http://koshvani.up.nic.in/PensionDet.aspx

koshvani up

Pension details: http://koshvani.up.nic.in/PensionDet.aspx

  • Search for a pensioner by Pensioner’s Name or Bank Account no.

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