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Rtc Bhoomi Karnataka land records is available online, Revenue department Karnataka, Bangalore has built bhoomi software or system to operation the land ownership. Bhoomi software is online operated application which has already computerized 20 million records land ownership of 6.7 million farmers of state. It has been changed the way of maintain the record. IT provide direct, easy and smooth facility to people who look for bhoomi rtc Karnataka details of their land.

What is RTC (pahani) and how to Bhoomi Rtc View?

RTC is also called pahani, RTC (Pahani) is kind very important document that contains details of land owner, survey number and hissa number of land, land revenue details, khatta number, area, assessment, water rate, cultivator’s details, Liabilities, Tenancy and Crops grown, etc.

Require RTC (Pahani)

Personal use.

The rightfully owner or seller of the land.

It is required at Sub-Register’s office when sale transaction is being done

To raise farm credit from bank.

Court needs Pahani in case of civil litigation.

How to get Bhoomi RTC (Pahani)?

The signed copy Bhoomi RTC only can get from “PAHANI CENTRE”, set up at the Tahsildar Office, by paying Rs.15.00. If he is unable to come to Taluk office, it can be collected by paying Rs.15.00 to Village Accountant / Revenue Inspector, who in turn will collect computerized PAHANI from PAHANI CENTRE and hand it over.

Bhoomi Rtc View (Pahani) Online

Bhoomi Rtc can view online but it’s not authorized copy, for certification copy visit the Pahani centre and pay a nominal fees.

How is the computerised RTC different from manual RTC? 
The contents of computerised RTC and manual RTC are same, however, the computerised RTC is neat and easily readable and understandable as details are printed in the respective Columns.
Further it cannot be damaged easily.”

Bhoomi Rtc Karnataka Online Land Records Link 1;

Directly go to following link to view bhoomi RTC online @

Bhoomi Rtc Karnataka

To view Bhoomi RTC land record ROV view select

  • District, Taluk, Hobli, Village and Survey number to fetch details.

Bhoomi Rtc land record Karnataka

Once everything selecting now user can see three option likely land details, owner details cultivate details…

Bhoomi RTC SMS services

» Citizen can verify the reality of RTC by sending SMS to 51969 as KA bhoomi to 51969

»  Citizen can know the status of mutation request by sending SMS to 51969 as KA bhoomi to 51969

Mutation Status/Bhoomi Rtc Karnataka Online Land Record Link 2;


• Anybody can view any survey number RTC
• Facility to view Present RTC
• Facility to view Old RTC (from the date of computerization)
• Facility to view Mutation extract


Go here registration:

  • Provide name, email id and captcha number & click in submit button
  • Select the current RTC to view present RTC or old RTC to view previous year or period RTC or MR button to view Mutation extract
  • Select District, Taluk, Hobli and Village
  • Type the survey number
  • Select surnoc ( Character portion) & Hissa number
  • Select the period ( new period created whenever mutation happened)
  • Select the year & click on Fetch details button
  • Click on View button.

Karnataka Land Records Maps View

Direct visit to service 3 link:

Select District, Taluk, Hobli, Maps Type and Enter Village Name.

Step 1: Click on Map and click on village you want to download the village map in KMZ format

Step 2: Open the file, If Google earth is installed then the screen appears as below with the village map data.

Step 3: Colour indicating different boundary feature is given below.

Step 4: To display the survey numbers on the map, click on this symbol which is available at below the temporary palces to expand the layers.

Step 5: Click on Check box of Point features, Area features and Line features


Step 6: Now survey numbers will be displayed with icon as shown below…

Karnataka Land Records Maps View

Karnataka land record select district link:

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