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Shcilestamp e Registration, Check E-Stamping Authenticity and e-Stamping Payment Online Shcilestamp.Com

Shcilestamp is online website is maintain by Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd.  SHCIL is the only CRA authorised by Ministry of Finance, Government of India. E-Stamping is electronic method to collection of e-stamping payment and collection of non-judicial stamp duty.  Central Record Keeping Agency surely help you to check that given e-stamp paper is genuine or fake. You can verity e-stamp certificate thru the India e-stamping system portal (  The Silent features of e-Stamping are Easy accessibility and faster processing, Save, Cost savings  and most of above User friendly.

Organization: Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCILestamp)
Check status: Verify E-Stamping Certificate, Authenticity of an e-Stamp
Website: /
State: Delhi, Bihar, Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra

Verify E -STAMP Certificate Details Online Free

An e-Stamp can be verified online by clicking on verify e-Stamp certificate and entering the required details i.e

  • State
  • Certificate Number (UIN)
  • Stamp Duty Type ( Description of Document )
  • Certificate Issue Date
  • character alphanumeric string

STEP 1: Log on to this website “”

STEP 2: Click the heading of * Verify e-Stamp Certificate*

Shcilestamp e-Stamping Verification

STEP 3: Now user can overview the details to require to verity e-stamp Certificate.

State, Certificate Number, Stamp Duty Type, Certificate Issued Date.

Type of Stamp duty can be verify at Shcilestamp.Com

– Rent Agreement

– Gift

– Certificate of Sale,

– Agreement or Memorandum of an agreement.

– Agreement relating to deposit of title deeds,

– Pawn or pledge

– Award

– Bank Guarantee

– Bond

– Conveyance

– Exchange of property

– Further Charge

– Lease

– Mortgage Deed

– Partition

– Power of Attorney (48) settlement – Instrument of (including a deed of dower) 58 (A)) settlement – Revocation of 58

– Transfer of Lease (63)

– Trust – Declaration of 64

– Trust – Revocation of 64

STEP 4: Now click on VERIFY Button to see status of e-stamp paper.

Note: Verify Certificate can be done via the bar code scanner on the link above.

We have added a screen short for you. If you like don’t forgot share it?

verification E-STAMP Certificate

Verify Here:

E-Stamping is a computer based application and a secured way of paying Non-Judicial stamp duty to the Government. It is very user friendly and faster processing and can be made nearest location of your area at very low cost. For the public it is safe, convenient and easy to access. The distribution network comprising of Post Offices, Banks, and Financial Institutions etc. whose branches are distributed all over Karnataka facilitate easy procurement of e-Stamp Certificates of any face value. The e-Stamp also captures essential details such as name and addresses of the parties to the transaction, nature of transaction etc. so that it cannot be misused by any unauthorized person.


How to Obtain E Stamp Paper Online Shcilestamp.Com

Yes obtaining e stamp paper online is now your fingertip, you just need to go and and fill up the application form as prescribed in the e-Stamping system. Stamp Certificate is generated only after realization of funds.

How do I find my nearest E-stamp Paper Authorised Collection Centers?

Yes find nearest e-stamp paper centre that give you e-stamp paper within minute. Here you need kindly visit website for details A person who needs the e-Stamp paper should approach any one of the Authorised Collection Centers and fill up a simple application form giving details such as names and addresses of the parties, value of the Stamp paper required and the purpose etc. He or she can then either make payment in Cash, Bank DD, and digital payment. The e-Stamp Certificate will be electronically generated by accessing the Central Server of Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. (SHCIL). The entire process will take about 5 to 10 minutes only.

Shcilestamp Login, Online Payment Systems for e-Court fee and e-Stamping Payment

StockHolding presents the Online Gateway Payment module for installment of Judicial-e-Court charge and Non-Judicial Stamp obligation i.e. e-Stamping, through the web without precedent for the NCT of Delhi…

Registration: Client makes a one-time enrollment which can be utilized crosswise over online items for e-Stamping and e-Court charge accessible for that State. This facility is presently available for e-stamp certificate to be generated for NCT Delhi and Jharkhand

Shcilestamp Registration 

New User Registration:

Go to link and click on “NEW USER REGISTRATION” and fill all the require details such as user id and password, for more see image below;Online Payment Systems for e-Court fee and e-Stamping Payment

This facility is presently available for e-stamp certificate to be generated for NCT Delhi and Jharkhand.  Please register to generate your User ID for access to the Online Payment System.For assistance, please email us at


Telephone Nos. 022-61778151/52/53/54/56/57/58

Shcilestamp Login:

Updated: August 9, 2017 — 9:50 am


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